10 June 2021

Thursday Dars – Week 23

“Adhwaul Bayan – Holy Qur’an Translation”
-Al-Baqarah, 222-227

“Ma’ariful Qur’an”
-Prohibition of intercourse during menstruation and anal intercourse
-Taking oaths, different types and expiation ‘kaffarah’
-Discussion: Divorce ‘talaq’

“The Sublime Conduct of Nabi (sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam)”
-Keeping chickens/roosters
-Discussion: Moulana Bilal db story
-Discussion: Madinatul Uloom in the initial days

“Fadhail e Durood”
-The one who sends 1 salawaat receives 10 rewards, 10 mercies, 10 forgiveness, and 10 elevations in status

“Healthy Muslim Marriage”
-Challenges of interfaith marriages

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