Here we will livestream all the talks, lessons and programs of Shaykh (dāmat barakātuhum), which cover general topics for the benefit of all, insha’Allah. These topics include, but are not limited to, beliefs [‘aqā’id], acts of worship [‘ibādāt], mutual dealings [muʿāmalāt], social etiquette [muʿāsharāt], and moral character [akhlāqāt]. You will also find a library of audio recordings from previous lectures, announcements, and literature. Furthermore, it shall serve as a portal with relevant information for the seekers [sālikīn], who have formally taken the spiritual allegiance [bay’ah] and are connected to Shaykh (dāmat barakātuhum).


The site is only a medium for conveying and propagating the blessed discourses, and can never replace the effects of personal contact and company [ṣuḥba] with the Shaykh (dāmat barakātuhum) in the blessed environment of the Masjid. This tradition has always been best transmitted from heart to heart.


Aspirants seeking to progress in the spiritual path are most welcome and encouraged to attend the lessons, discourses, and gatherings of ḏhikr at Masjid-ut-Taqwa. Please note, the website is maintained and updated by students of Shaykh (dāmat barakātuhum). For further inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

Jazākumullāh Khayrun!

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