27 May 2021

Thursday Dars – Week 21

“Adhwaul Bayan – Holy Qur’an Translation”
-Al-Baqarah, 219 continued

“Ma’ariful Qur’an”
-Prohibition of gambling
-Discussion: Hazrat Ja’far at Tayyar (radiAllahu anhu) – brother of Hazrat Ali (radiAllahu anhu)
-Social effects of gambling: intoxicating pull (similar to alcohol), kills natural urge to work, fantasizes gains, usurping others
-Elimination of evil supersedes acquisition of good

“The Sublime Conduct of Nabi (sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam)”
-Seeking refuge from debts
-Miscellaneous rules
-Discussion: Surah al Kahf story

“Healthy Muslim Marriage”
-Cultures and tradition
-Discussion: Marriage between cousins
-Discussion: Immaturity and experience

“Fadhail e Durood”
-Writing Salawaat (sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam)
-Discussion: Becoming the favourite ‘Manzur e Nazr’ of the Beloved (sallAllahu alayhi sallam)

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